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Steven Holl designs Frederic Malles New York Boutique

Ashley Ropati - Monday, June 09, 2014

Famed perfumier Frederic Malle, is a name synonymous with impeccable taste . It seems only fitting then, that his new West Village boutique resonates with the brand's coveted ethos. 
Malle set out to find an architect who shared his understanding of the 'idiosyncratic nature of New York's West Village' ideally working within a relatively small firm, to enable a one-on-one creative engagement on a smaller, more intimate scale.
After deciding on Architect Steven Holl, Malle gave Holl carte blanche, with his only requirements being "the presence of the portraits of the celebrated perfumers, refrigerated cabinets to store our perfumes, the existence of smelling devices to allow the clients to truly discover each composition...and comfort". 

From the outset, the boutique is starkly futuristic in contrast to the 'brownstone-lined' Greenwich Avenue. The silver-accented interior, the walnut wood paneled floors that run across the 400 square-foot space, the semi-circular shelving and the porous aluminum foam walls and ceilings, all aid to create an unconventional sense of calm. The space is finished with an intuitive lighting system (designed by Herve Descottes) which dims and auto-adjusts depending on the time of day.

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Michael Anastassiades' String Lights

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Friday, June 06, 2014
Using either 12 or 22 metre cords made from Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable, Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades' string lighting is deceptively simple. Celebrating exposed cables - a feature normally despised by interior aesthetes - the designer originally conceived that the lights be hung in eight different configurations. Upon further experimentation by Anastassiades however, it became apparent that the fittings could be installed an infinite number of ways.

Mirage residence by Kois Architects

Anna Coe - Thursday, June 05, 2014

Situated on a hillside on the Greek island of Tinos, lies a spot of land destined to be the Mirage residence. The plan, designed by Kois Associated Architects sees an 'invisible oasis hidden from the unsuspected eyes'. The large one story residence's roof features a spectacular rimless swimming pool that blends the structure with the Agean sea. 

Spotlight: Vera & Kyte

Anna Coe - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Norwegian design duo Vera & Kyte had a successful year at the 2014 Salone Satellite, with the majority of their releases garnering a lot of attention from media worldwide. Their ethos is to apply 'an analytical approach to transform our curiousity into products that will engage you'.

Vera & Kyte's geometric aesthetic is complemented by their creative use of colour - shown in such products as the Topiary Lamp and Apparel, a wardrobe and room divider. 

View more work by Vera & Kyte here.

New Order Shelving by Stefan Diez for Hay

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

With fewer photographs, CDs and physical remnants taking up our personal space, New Order is providing a "stage for storytelling", creating shelving elements designed to be used as an exhibition space for prized objects and interesting articles.

With a frame made from aluminium, these stark storage pieces are designed to withstand even the most hefty of tomes despite their lightweight appeal and are customisable to almost any spatial parameters. Designed by Stefan Diez, the New Order shelving system is part of the Hay collection available locally from Corporate Culture

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The Collector's Shelving System by Amuneal

Anna Coe - Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Collector's fully adjustable shelving system by American designer Amuneal consists of a range of shelves and credenzas that can be configured to fit in any space. The beautiful brass framework sits nicely alongside the dark solid hardwood compartments and sliding aluminium doors. 

The inspiration behind the design came from storage systems used for industrial and scientific objects, which references the product's name, The Collector's, perfectly. 

Via Yellowtrace.

The Row's Flagship Store

Anna Coe - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

High end fashion brand The Row have just opened their first flagship boutique on Melrose Place, L.A. The large 3,800 square foot boutique and office has a mid-century modern aesthetic and even comes complete with a central concrete courtyard and swimming pool. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen worked with local L.A designers David Montalba and Courtney Applebaum to create a space that feels like a home, but also references their brand values and the materials that they use throughout their collections.

Antique furniture has been used in the fit out (and is also for sale), and includes items such as a Jean Prouvé dining table, Fortuny lamp, Poul Kjaerholm coffee tables and Paul McCobb leather chairs. 

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Invisible Kitchen by i29 Architects

Anna Coe - Monday, May 26, 2014

Dutch architecture firm i29 have released a concept design of an ultra slim, almost invisible kitchen island. The idea came from the designers' vision for the counter to be more of a piece of furniture as opposed to a kitchen bench - with their aim being for the system to seem to disappear. 

The counter top has a thickness of around two centimetres and the sliding panels behind the bench are repeated on the front, giving the impression of invisibility.

Compasso: Niemeyer and Zalszupin

Anna Coe - Friday, May 23, 2014

As part of New York design week, Espasso gallery is presenting a selection of re-issued furniture by the late Oscar Niemeyer and Polish-Brazilian architect Jorge Zalszupin. 

The exhibition is titled Compasso, and it is the first time in which re-issued pieces by both of these architects have been available in the United States. All of the reissues are true to the original designs and materials where possible.

Niemeyer's pieces (all from the 1970s) include the Rio rocking chaise, Alta armchair and ottoman and the Marquesa bench - all of which bear Fundacao Oscar Niemeyer embossed coin as their mark of authentication.

Zalszupin's line is much larger, consisting of 20 pieces from the 1960s and includes the Brasiliana armchair, PO 801 armchair, Circa bench and Petalas side table, to name a few. 

The exhibition runs until 3rd June 2014.

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KK Chair by Yukio Kimura

Anna Coe - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The monochromatic KK chair by Japanese designer Yukio Kimura is said to represent both the positives and negatives of a person's behaviour. "The black heavy part with the thickness of 60mm and the white leg show a human's heart that consists of both a dark side and a white pure side" notes Kimura. 

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