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Boutique Modamica by Massimo Castagna

Samantha Saxton-Beer - Monday, June 23, 2014

Modamica Valembro boutique in the province of Bergamo, Italy, has been subjected to a recently completed renovation by architect Massimo Castagna. Leading the project, Castagna has shaped more than 700 square metres of space over two levels, reinventing the facade and outer area as well as revisiting the internal fit out. The interior employs industrial materials, yet is warm and cosy "a place where you can stop and enjoy the present, where you can escape the speed of time" says Castagna. Well known for his role as art director and head product designer for furniture manufacturer Henge, the company's tables, shelving systems and light fittings incorporate the designer's trademark materials such as burnished brass, steel and wood and are at home set against the concrete, steel and glass structural materials. 

Henge is available locally from David Shaw Limited.

Design: The Week In Review 23/06/14

Anna Coe - Monday, June 23, 2014

A. Yelp's downtown San Francisco headquarters [via FastCoDesign]

B. Bounce Below: A giant network of trampolines suspended in an abandoned Welsh slate mine [via Colossal]

C. Green Roofed Labyrinth house by Estudio Entresitio [via TheCoolist]

D. An interview with the artist Will Cotton [via DesignBoom]

E. Roderick Vos showroom [via DailyIcon]

Copper and Glass Vases by Giorgio Bonaguro

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Thursday, June 19, 2014

Milanese industrial and interior designer Giorgio Bonaguro has created a series of vases that pays homage to the famous glass workings of Finnish master Tapio Wirkkala in collaboration with traditional Italian glass blowing methods. Drawing inspiration from sixties and seventies style pieces with simple silhouettes and archetypal shapes, the borosilicate glass and copper vessels are executed with a modern twist thanks to purposefully exaggerated  heads that are emphasized by metal colours.

Via Trendland

Exo collection by Gregoire de Lafforest

Anna Coe - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Created for the Galerie Gosserez, Gregiore de Lafforest's Exo collection of furniture takes inspiration from the exoskeletons of animals. Lafforest first took scientific observations of animals and then transformed them into physical objects. By taking elements that are usually hidden from site and making them the leading visual role gives the traditional objects a completely new dimension. The collection includes the Exo wardrobe, coffee table and dining table. 

Loft Apartment by 2b Group

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This spacious apartment impresses with its warmth whilst retaining an air of masculinity and minimalism. Ukraine based design group 2b uses natural elements throughout the Kiev located residence to create a cozy interior that is still edgy and urban. With perfectly placed furnishings interspersed with eclectic design accents, there is little not to like about this forward thinking inner city loft.  

Manhattan lamp by Studio Caula

Anna Coe - Monday, June 16, 2014

The Manhattan lamp takes its name from the Calacatta Manhattan quarry in Carrara, Italy from which the material is sourced. Designed by Rodrigo Caula of Studio Caula, the scluptural table lamp reveals the marble's inner veins and structure when lit - "like the vitality of human flesh, the ephemeral material used for the Manhattan lamp becomes more than just a sculptural medium; a juxtaposition between the sheer scale of the monumental stone volumes and the pristine Italian mountain-scape" notes Caula.

Volver chandelier by Studio 14 for Terzani

Anna Coe - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Diego Bassetti and Andrea Panzieri of Studio 14 have combined their talents to produce Terzani's first ever LED suspension light. The striking design is constructed using nickel chains in conjunction with the latest LED technology. 

Terzani is available locally from ECC.

Rimma Tchilingarian Minimalist Porcelain Vases

Ashley Ropati - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Berlin-based Rimma Tchilingarian design studio have created a beautifully minimalistic series of porcelain vases. The collection, which has been strongly inspired by the ornamentality of ancient civilizations and Chinese antiquity; features 12 different delicate pieces. Each vase boasts the same basic shape but varies ever so slightly in colour, texture and proportion.

Via Trendland.

Design: The Week In Review 10/06/14

Anna Coe - Monday, June 09, 2014

A. Architectural columns constructed from suspended charcoal by Ghi Bahk [via Colossal]

B. Vasily Klyukin conceives super yachts for bold luxury travel [via DesignBoom]

C. Photo essay of life in Palm Springs [via FastCoDesign]

D. David Shrigley puts his twisted spin on the interior of the London restaurant Sketch [via Tmagazine]

E. Diane Von Furstenburg puts her spin on Google Glass [via TheCoolist]

F. Parisian interior artist Mathias Kiss [via Trendland]

Steven Holl designs Frederic Malles New York Boutique

Ashley Ropati - Monday, June 09, 2014

Famed perfumier Frederic Malle, is a name synonymous with impeccable taste . It seems only fitting then, that his new West Village boutique resonates with the brand's coveted ethos. 
Malle set out to find an architect who shared his understanding of the 'idiosyncratic nature of New York's West Village' ideally working within a relatively small firm, to enable a one-on-one creative engagement on a smaller, more intimate scale.
After deciding on Architect Steven Holl, Malle gave Holl carte blanche, with his only requirements being "the presence of the portraits of the celebrated perfumers, refrigerated cabinets to store our perfumes, the existence of smelling devices to allow the clients to truly discover each composition...and comfort". 

From the outset, the boutique is starkly futuristic in contrast to the 'brownstone-lined' Greenwich Avenue. The silver-accented interior, the walnut wood paneled floors that run across the 400 square-foot space, the semi-circular shelving and the porous aluminum foam walls and ceilings, all aid to create an unconventional sense of calm. The space is finished with an intuitive lighting system (designed by Herve Descottes) which dims and auto-adjusts depending on the time of day.

Via Wallpaper*