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Harbour Front-Row Seat house by Luigi Rosselli

Anna Coe - Monday, May 25, 2015

Situated in Sydney's Woollahra, this waterfront property by Australian firm Luigi Rosselli is a complete renovation on what was an existing three storey house - one of the reasons why the owners chose the firm, as many others proposed a clean slate solution. The brief was to include plenty of flat wall space and corner nooks to display the owner's prominent art collection as well as creating a contemporary urbane and elegant residence. The piece de resistance is the seven metre tall Lindsey Adelman chandelier that dominates the stairwell.

Nana Chair by Alegre Design

Franky March - Friday, May 22, 2015

A rocking chair designed for new parents with comfort at the forefront of the design. Using breathable fabrics, the Nana chair's backrest is adjustable and provides much needed back support, whilst the armrests are specifically designed to curve outwards to offer a resting position whilst holding your baby. Made with an oak wood structure, the chair is connected by black steel legs attached to curved rails to aid a rocking motion. 

Via Design Milk

Zelda Lighting Collection by Bec Brittain

Franky March - Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lighting guru Bec Brittain has revealed her latest collection 'Zelda' showcasing deconstructed diamond shaped forms, as well as a new range of light diffuses. Made from brass and LED tubes, different design configurations can be connected to the primary form which are called 'Zelda Links' - creating different lighting designs resembling an orbit like aesthetic. Available in three different metals and five different glass finishes and are made to order in Brittain's Brooklyn studio.

Via Dezeen

Invermay House by Maloney Architects

Franky March - Monday, May 11, 2015

Located in a rural area outside of Ballarat Australia, this home was designed for a family of six, with the dining and living on ground level to enable access straight out to the picturesque terrain surrounding the property. The rectilinear form is orientated north taking full advantage of the sunlight, and its minimal design mimics nature featuring a monolithic concrete wall with a board mark finish tying in the the prevailing raw wooden aesthetic throughout the house. 

Via Contemporist 

Floating Forest by Michael Anastassiades

Anna Coe - Monday, May 11, 2015

Floating Forest is a series of brass items that suspend a seed above the water surface where it is encouraged to grow. The collection includes the disk, the mobile, the clip, the cone and the see saw and are all handmade and due to be be released over the course of this year. "I became obsessed with the simple idea of suspending a seed on the surface of water; submerged, just to the right level for it to germinate. All with the possibility of being able to support itself in the absence of soil, that would allow it to stand upright; exposed, all in clear view" says Anastassiades.

Via Yellowtrace.

Y by Baptiste Ducommum for Klybeck

Franky March - Thursday, May 07, 2015

A tree like coat stand, its 12 branches are designed at different heights and depths to create a smooth and functional geometry - the first product for Swiss brand Klybeck. Designed primarily as a coat stand with the ability to be an interior sculpture, bringing nature and light into a room. 

Via Contemporist 

Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett

Franky March - Monday, May 04, 2015

Set within heritage rainforest surrounds, this North Queensland home is a product of talented architect and builder Jesse Bennett, with the desire to live simply and create joyful areas that would enrich and inspire his family. The design focused on embracing the plush surroundings by using minimalistic materials, predominantly glass and concrete, making the outside environment feel very much apart of the home. The structure is enhanced with timber detailing adding warmth and replicating the natural environment that encompasses the property.

Via Yellowtrace

Nola by Studio Drift for Buhtiq31

Anna Coe - Thursday, April 16, 2015

On display as part of the Brand New World show in Milan is Studio Drift's Nola lighting. The collection of coloured domes started originally as an experiment - where the designers played with endless combinations of colour and light in a spatial context. The result is a surface of different sized mouth-blown pastel tinted glass bells  that are combined with coloured LED lights. The individual lights can be programmed separately in terms of colour, resulting in endless variations.

Wooden Aquarelle by Meike Harde

Anna Coe - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Young German designer Meike Harde was inspired by traditional watercolour painting for her Wooden Aquarelle furniture series that has been launched at the Salone Satellite this week. Harde positions the wood in a frame and then covers it with liquid pigments which then absorb into the wood and create unique patterns. 

298 Chair by Michele de Lucchi for Cassina

Anna Coe - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Italian architect Michele de Lucchi has designed the 298 chair, inspired by the folding director's chair for manufacturer Cassina. It was created as an homage to the Unicredit Pavilion - a large wooden structure currently being built in Milan and designed by Lucchi. 

Cassina is available locally from Matisse.